Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 41 - Dark Mood

I got to officially ditch my sling today which was great news.  My doctor is restricting my return to work for another month...not so great news from a financial standpoint.  I can manage, but it will wipe out a lot of savings efforts of the last several months.  I was working on this piece and things started to take a turn for the bad and I felt like I needed to file this under "Scary Fail" for the Left-Handed Series.  Did I lose control?  Is this more telling of my overall state of mind right now? Is this just one that should be crumpled and trashed?  Maybe I'm just channeling the Halloween spirit that is hovering.  Anyway...
I opted to start another piece and to just let the energy flow.  You may agree that the stress of my week is rearing its ugly head.  It's not a happy piece. My licensing exam is at the end of the week and so comes the moment of truth.  Am I ready or am I in serious trouble?  I won't know the answer to that question until Friday.  Aarrgh!