Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guitarist & Drummer

"Guitarist" - Pastel on Board (9x12)
There have been several iterations of this over the years that originated from a very rough charcoal sketch over 20 years ago.  Sometimes its a guitar and inothers its a violin, but the underlying image is the same.  I posted this on my Facebook fan page and a friend suggest I do a drummer. 
"Drummer" Pastel on Paper (12x16)
This is the first iteration of a drummer.  I'm certain there will be more & it should be fun to see how these change/evolve.  My friend loved it, which was as rewarding as the process of creating the "Drummer."
I've entered a couple new juried exhibits.  One is in Fort Lauderdale and only open to Florida residents.  The other is based out of New York.  It would be great to win, but I will be pretty happy to be selected for the exhibit portion.  I'll keep you posted.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Half Moon

Steel 36x60
I finally got around to doing some work on this piece.  I actually completed it last summer but needed to modify some things to make it more stable.  One of those things that had to wait until my shoulder was strong enough.  I didn't want to take pictures because I knew it would change a bit.  It needs a bit of cleanup to get ready for show since it has been outside for several months, but I wanted to share it regardless.  
It normally sits on the edge of mine and my neighbor's yard.  She was happy when I placed it there saying, "It's like I get to share it." 
I have great neighbors!   
I also completed three small pieces yesterday and will post them one by one in the coming days.  
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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oil on Canvas (24x30)
Work completed this weekend. This is called "Evolution" in part because I took a canvas and painted atop something I hated and had lots of negative emotion attached to it.  Now I have something I like with positive emotion attached.  Things evolving in my life these days and I'm traveling along to see what happens. 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone and also a Happy New Year for the Year of the Tiger.   
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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cabinet Door 4 - Bright Eyes

Oil on Wood (20x20)
This was finished yesterday and gave me a fresh supply of stained fingernails before I headed off to Art Explosion in Fort Lauderdale. It seemed appropriate to go with a little paint under my nails. I had three pieces, one painting, one pastel and one sculpture selected for the juried show, which was pretty exciting.  I also have a mixture of work at Gallery 101 in Fort Lauderdale. This is helping me get a jump start on showing my work as much as possible. I'm grateful for all the support given to me by new and old friends alike. I hope to make more contacts this month with other galleries so that I can get things out and about more and more.
©2009 Cindy K. Shaw All rights reserved