Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 24 - Self Portrait

I was "working" on something off and on today...more of an exercise activity.  I went in to do some more work on it and this came out instead.  Going with the flow.

Sending thoughts to Sumatra that was hit with landslides to add to the devastation from the earthquakes.  In so many ways I want to be there, to help, to do all I can.  I am trying to find a way to make that kind of "work" life possible for me.  I feel like I am using my talents and intelligence to no good end just doing the day to day and collecting my paycheck.  There has to be more purpose for me than this. I'm investigating work with the Red Cross, both American and International as a possibility among other things.


geek said...

The natural disasters are happening one over the other. It makes me sad and scared, as well. We barely survived the natural disaster we had, and I hope other countries ravaged by natural disasters (Samoa, Indonesia) would also be able to rise up. Nature seems to be pretty angry.

I think it would be a heroic act to help people, and I hope you'd be able to do what you are planning. A lot of people need help each day.

As for the artwork, I like the emotion it conveys. There seems to be too much melancholy in the eyes.

Cindy said...

The melancholy in the eyes may be some residual sadness from last year. I am no longer sad but admit that some wounds leave scars that take a little longer to fade.