Saturday, September 05, 2009


I've wanted to...needed to post for a few days now, but have been unable to organize anything beyond a rant here and there... #uknowhowiknowuregay trending topic on Twitter for one. Let me see...the beauty queen hatin' and suing for her right to hate could have been another. There is the whole health care debate which has come to forefront for me as I do all the miscellaneous preparations for my surgery. On a more positive note there's the little back story on my Buddhist self. I've not been able to get beyond the first couple of sentences before I drift another direction.

So instead you get this...I had a few lines drifting in my head about my right shoulder pain and the inner experience of it. Before I knew it this is what evolved. Not really like anything I've ever done before, but I can say I just let it happened and rolled with the process. I don't know if I like it from an art perspective, but I can say that it "feels" right.


geek said...

Wow! That looks painful.

I'm very sorry about your pain, and I hope it gets well.

Cindy said...

Thanks. Surgery is this week and all will start to get better from there...slowly...but it will get better.

geek said...

That's good to hear. Good luck with your surgery!