Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 13 - Dominant Theme

My shoulder is the dominant theme in my daily life. This series for one keeps things in focus, but much of my day revolves around doing my exercises, TENS treatment with icing, working on my scars, and trying not to do anything stupid.

I think, however, this might be my favorite thus far in the Left-Handed Series. I've been composing another metal piece (something larger than the small table top piece completed on Day 9) the last few days and expect that to get started in the next few days.


geek said...

I'm glad that you are doing well up to now.

Also, no offense, but your scar is a mighty big one. Well anyone could see scars as they like, but I think they are awesome. I think they are markers of how much strength we mustered to overcome pain. I have tons of scars. My favorite one is at my elbow, which I got when I was around 4 yrs. old

Take care

Cindy said...

I have tons too. I have scars that pass through old scars even because of the multiple surgeries on my right knee.

I'll admit that the main scar on my shoulder is larger than I expected, but the damage to my rotator cuff was pretty severe too.

I'm still considering tattoos that number the various surgeries.