Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 16 - A little sketch

No real comment here...other than maybe I've been watching a little to much Project Runway today.


Anonymous said...


This is 'JL', from MK's ShoutOut Blog.

I don't know where to start, Ms. Cindy.

Anyway,..I'll make this brief.
Your 'comments' about Yoda. hahaha.

Your words made me smile.

If this is a proper gesture, thank you for coming to my defense (I think?), when I was perplexed at the tone of the guest's comment prior to your response.

At the same time, I briefly skimmed thru your link (like 'really quick'). Maybe too fast, I'm sorry. The art work (photos)...

Of the few photos I've seen, whether you are full time engineer, or really artist (are you, Ms. Cindy?)

I'm no expert on the subject, but if you are engineer-artist (are you like Michelangelo, who was actually scientist, sculptor, architect and painter all in the same one character?)

...if you are looking to try out galleries and the like, I'm positive that the Chicago area, where I'm from, would take a strong interest in your work. Your pieces.

Pardon me, Ms. Cindy, but I'm clueless and only using the art lingo (I hear it, and read often, but I'm not actively part of the art scene).

I think you are sketch and metal pieces, or combination, is that right? Although I can't tell, if your metal pieces are large scale in size, but indeed, what a talent and skill(!)you have to excel in both, if that's what I think I'm reading of you.

Anyway, if this is up your alley, May I offer you the following suggestions, if it helps with your goals, I'm not sure. [Hint: I sense you are a great, great artist]. Who knows? good things can further happen for you with your art, if that's what you'd like, in order to expand it:

Again, thank you Ms. Cindy.

Humor, has a way of disarming the most vulnerable feelings. One can 'lighten' a situation easily.
I think you interjected that on the MK Site, on my behalf.

Or, my 'defense', should I say.

I'll remember you when Elmo on Sesame Street decides to draw another 'shape' for the audience.

Again, thank you

-JL, b. 1965

Cindy said...


Glad it made you smile. I thought the "Guest" comment was out of line and inappropriate. Glad you got the point of my comment.

I am a full time engineer and try to find time and mental energy to pursue my art interests as often as possible.

I have not shown any of my work since college, but am working towards that endeavor. My sculpture pieces range in size from about six inches to six feet. There are several that are about four feet tall. I think the height/size limitation comes from my workshop space size too.

I also need to take some more photos of the metal work and post them.

Thanks for your positive feedback.