Saturday, August 15, 2009

What will We DO when No One HATES Us?

When no one hates us anymore, we GAYS will walk down the street holding OUR partner's hand without the hyper-vigilant look over OUR shoulder. OUR families won't bat an eye at the revelation. Strangers and family alike won't feel they need to "protect" their children from US. OUR lives won't be used as a political fodder. Soldiers in the armed forces will serve openly without being dishonorably discharged and will be publicly greeted with the loving arms of their partners when they return home.

OUR lives will seem mundane and normal. NO ONE comes out at work because WE just are. The stories of a sweet young man beaten and left to die on a fence in the wilderness will be a horror of a long distant past. WE will marry and adopt children if WE desire. WE will look back with nostalgia at the days when WE held Pride Parades to celebrate who WE are and combat OUR own internal hatred.

As I wake today, I am assured that events like Saturday's Kiss off which was organized in response to my fellow GAYs being harrassed and arrested in Utah and Texas for a little innocent PDA will continue. WE will need to stand in protest to fight for marriage rights, and protect OUR GAY soldiers and their invisible partners. I know that come next summer I'll attend the PRIDE events and stand with my community in all OUR collective glory and celebrate who WE are. Because today I wake to the truth that far too many still hate US.


geek said...

The world will be a much better place if people learn to understand one another. The haters should know that no matter what they do and no matter how aggressive they could be, they will never eradicate gays in this world. And honestly, gay people also have a huge part in making the world a good and happy place to live in. There are a lot of talented gay people out there. And no matter how they suppress us, we should unite and held our heads high.